Posters & Flyers

Posters & Flyers

Whether you’re running a weekly club night, promoting a gig, selling a drinks promotion or marketing a product or service, at some point you’re probably going to want to produce some printed publicity material.

#1 Identify the selling points:

Posters or flyers won’t be read in full, ensure that the key facts are clearly visible, however the largest text on the print media should be the hook’ or USP, why is your product e.g better, cheaper, quality, unique that its competitors.

#2 Spend time on wording

When it comes to expressing your selling points, spend time over the actual wording you use. Snappy, exciting – but not cliche – phrases can really sell an event. A little linguistic imagination can turn all aspects of your production into big selling points

#3 Avoid common design errors

People will also take some assurance about your event if your poster look’s ‘professional Only use one or may be two fonts throughout all your publicity print. I found it’s best to only use unusual fonts for headlines and to use more conventional fonts for nitty gritty information such as date, time price etc. Common mistakes include putting text too close to the edge of the paper, or to close to the edges of boxes. Be careful with the seize and overuse of logos in relation to their importance.

#4 Allow yourself enough time

Predictable thing to say, but try and make sure you have enough time to prepare your publicity print. Firstly, you’ll be surprised how long designing your publicity takes. Secondly, bear in mind anything that is likely to delay the production of your publicity, like getting ‘sign-off, bank holiday weekends etc.

#5 Choose your suppliers well

Make sure you pick your suppliers based on solid recomendations or experience. Your main supplier will be your printer. When you get a quote make sure your quote includes all possible costs (checking files, making plates, print, delivery). And make sure you are clear on how artwork is to be delivered and what the turn round times are

#6 You can’t proof too many times

When you are sending your publicity to print, make sure several people proof read it first, even it if its just a couple of lines of text. You cannot underestimate how easy it is to make costly mistakes when you’re sending something to print. Also remember the law e.g publicizing an alcoholic event, ensure to include 18+ and R.O.A.R. There is also certain regulations in relation to advertising certain products or events.

#7 Paper Quality:

While this may seem insignificant, I find this is where most people tend to fall down. Fine use cheap paper if it’s just a one off limited time event E.G handing out flyers to people on the street for a sale which is currently on today. However if you are advertising a product or service and these flyers may be sitting on someones office desk you want them to portray quality.

#8 Can you read it in 5?

Studies have shown that you have 2 – 7 seconds to catch someone’s attention before they pass by, whether they be motorists or pedestrians. Select five key words which help to describe your product or service. 

#9 Location Location Location

Choose your target market and the locations that they tend to hang around and socialize. I have often seen E.G heavy duty rock bands put up flyers in bars which typically only play house music, this amounts to nothing more than a waste of time, money and effort.

#10 Take advice

When you have followed the previous tip #5 and chosen an experienced designer, it is often wise to follow their advice when it comes to image and paper quality. But remember you get what you pay for. I have often rung around to get different quotes for what I thought was the same order. However on receiving the invoice in writing before I went to confirm I often found the paper quality was less, or the finish was going to be of a lesser quality or in some extreme cases quantity!

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