Outdoor Signage

Outdoor Signage

Outdoor advertising is very expensive and very few of us can afford to lose $5000.00. Below you will find a list of the most costly billboard advertising mistakes and tips to avoid making these mistakes.

#1 Color is crucial:

Blue and white sky backgrounds look great on paper. However, when used on billboards, they tend to blend in with the real sky. A solution to this is to use a sky background that has a sunset on it, or to add pinks and reds to the sky.

#2 Installing new signage over old:

This may be a short term budget saver, but ultimately the old signage will become visible

#3 Not replacing signage regularly:

Faded, dull, outdated signage tells your customers that you just don’t care about your business, and that you don’t care about them. Every few months, take a step back and try to see your business through the eyes of a new customer. Try to see what sort of impression it makes, and remember to do this at different times throughout the day and night (even when the business is closed) so you can see the affect of the different light on your business.

#4 Not investing in illumination:

Even if your business isn’t open at night, if there is any traffic past your store the business fascia signage should be well lit as an advertising tool.

#5 Not replacing unsafe old signage

To you it might look like an innocent piece of plastic just dangling there on your fascia or pylon… but to an experienced sign installer, old signs that have failed fixings, or warped and come loose the sign is now a hazard.

To see some examples download this PDF

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