Why ‘I’ don’t cut it

Why ‘I’ don’t cut it    

The Apple phenomenon of I-pod, I-phone, I-pad has been a huge marketing success and has penetrated every corner of the globe. Their success hasn’t gone unnoticed and a number of competitors and indeed local businesses have tried to take advantage of the ‘I’ phenomenon. I’m sure we have all seen it at some level or another be it a cheap toy in town or a cheesy add on the internet.

Many individuals believe that the ‘I’ phenomenon has worked because it spoke to the individual and made people feel unique and somewhat special. This has led multiple organisations and entrepreneurs to think that simply putting out a logo will lead to instant success. However authenticity matters, putting out symbols and logo’s mean nothing without consistency. The goal of putting something out there is to attract people who believe what you believe. The secret to a successful brand has nothing to do with the seller everything to do with the buyer.

People buy brands to feel a part of something bigger than oneself, to make a statement. People don’t get tattoos of Harley Davidson to say they own a motorcycle! They do it to say something about who they are.

Organisations need to figure out what they believe in, instead of worrying about what they think the customer wants to hear. People see through fakes, and if the brand doesn’t act and live up to it’s promise than it will fail as an entity. ‘I’ works for Apple as they have been obsessed with design, features and intelligent products. If you study there marketing campaigns they have everything to do with the customer and nothing to do with the actual product specification.

Take a look at this example


The businesses who do what they believe attract the loyal following of consumers who will remain loyal to them. There are a number of local national and international business situated right here in Cork which do this very well.

  • Apple 
  • Creedon’s Dogie Daycare Actual genuine regard & love of dogs
  • Sober-lane There Twitter is one of the best social media platforms I have seen
  • H&A Marketing Look-Listen-Learn-Create-Implement
  • Laya Looking after you always

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