I have been having trouble with my mobile providers customer service department for a  number  of months now.  Throughout my dealings I have found them ignorant abrasive and extremely insulting often implying that I am lying and one agent even attempted to put words in my mouth! I was, and I emphasis was a customer with an average spend of over a 100€ per month and I am no longer a customer not because of their phone coverage or 3G coverage simply because of your call centers.

Going back a few months I lost complete use of my phone due to a technical error on their end, which I was not aware of causing me to travel over 40 miles for a work appointment which was cancelled but as I was not getting missed calls or aware that there was a problem , I traveled at considerable expense for something which was cancelled. I was later refunded €5 which is pathetic and more of insult than anything, I would also point out that I actually had to email and fight to get it, one agent on the phone telling me that I ”shouldn’t bother” but I persisted, when I received the payment and I challenged the amount with a fellow agent he replied ”that’s all you’d get anywhere else” I can assure you that O2, Vodafone etc would have contacted me to remedy the problem rather than me having to chase a measly five euro.

In November I missed a direct debit wh

ich I accept is my own fault, but on ringing to  pay the IVR service was not picking me up correctly, so I went out and called again and held to speak to an agent when I got through I explained that I needed to pay but the IVR was not picking me up so could I speak to an agent to make the payment, I expressed to the agent not to transfer me to the IVR, however he did, which meant I then had to call back for a third time! This is not really good enough as most BPO’s will process a direct debit a second time if the first payment fails, I also find it very annoying that you cannot process payments through the laser card/visa debit as this would avoid bank charges for your customers. On this call I expressed my wish to cancel my contract as I was very annoyed with the service. I was told that I could cancel on the 7th of Jan as the phone would then be mine, and I would avoid paying for the phone. On the same call I made an arrangement to pay DEC bill on the 7th as I said I would pay the outstanding amount and cancel on the same call.

  4/5 Days before the 7th I was called by their collection team I explained that I had made a previous arrangement to pay on the 7th and I questioned why was he calling me before the agreed date. He kept on repeating that I was late with my payment and basically implied that I was lying and that no call existed, this gentleman was extremely rude and abrasive, threatening to cut off my service!

 I called on the 7th and was told that I now had to give 30 days notice, however I had already given that in November, so I was now held under duress into a contract that I did not want to be in! Therefore I have requested my call transcripts and will be bringing this to the consumer rights authority, if I am unhappy with the transcripts I will also be requesting the tapes which I am entitled to under the data protection act. 

 This month on or around the 6th of March, I received a call from a collection agent stating I owe over 100€. I have never received a bill  for Jan, and on later calls I was told it was for premium numbers. I do call 11890 etc but I cannot remember making premium number calls, now I admit that a partner may have used my phone but I want to see a copy of what I am being billed for, and what has raised my suspicions the dates that the agents told me the bill was for changed depending on who I was speaking too. I asked to get copies of my bill sent, I was told ”that you don’t need  to see your bill Mr Phelan you just need to pay me” (Calling from a private number in a foreign accent and not being able to get my billing information correct will raise anybodies suspicions, given the recent scams)

  I have yet to see a copy of my bill, while three have claimed to have emailed me the bill I have not gotten any via email nor by post! I rang again and asked to speak to the floor/duty manager who again was not helpful! I asked him and then demanded that he should listen to my previous call, however he refused. This is shocking if a customer asks for a call to be listened back on, it is my right if I believe I was miss advised.

 I trust 3 will look into remedying the attitude of their CSA’s, as I think for a company who sponsors the Irish team and pays thousands paying two clowns (Jedward) to do your marketing that you cannot find an Irish Call center to manage your CRM needs. Their system’s between CSA’s and collections obviously don’t correlate and I do not appreciate the tone or being treated like a criminal.

I have since contacted their privacy dept to request the transcripts, interestingly it was only when I requested these that I was contacted by their head of customer service and they waved the outstanding balance and apologized. I find it amazing after speaking with several so called managers and floor agents that it had to resort to this, over two months later I after numerous phone calls I’m glad to say i’ll never have to deal with them again!!

Has anyone else had similar troubles?


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