Spun Out

Spun Out

”They know how to spin it”

I have decided to write this post in response a conversation which resulted from a twitter post. As much as Twitter and Micro blogs are a valuable forum for discussion the limited amount of charters does somewhat limit any intellectual or full rounded discussion.

So according to SpunOut.ie website provides young people between the ages of 16 and 25 with the information and skills to deal with the difficult things life throws at them. The website is run by a team of five staff leaders manage the day-to-day running. According to their website the organisation claims it is ”partially funded through a mix of philanthropic, foundation, state and community investors” what they neglect to mention is that they receive 124k in government funding direct from the HSE (they do mention they receive funding but it is not clear that they receive so much)

This is a pdf outlining the organisations goals and funding. Submission–from-SpunOut.ie (1) What is more interesting is the fact that while 20% of funding comes direct from the HSE over 30% comes from the left wing ATLANTIC Philanthropies, i.e which means that these two organisations alone contribute €310,000, which according to their submission above makes up 50% of their funding which would roughly translate to €620,000 per anum.

My main argument against the organisation is not in relation to its content about threesomes, sex etc it is actually rather more complex. I find it hard to believe in the Goliath of an organisation doesn’t have the necessary skills and knowledge to run a website. They have the knowledge, relevant experts with actual medical training and they wouldn’t need to rent accommodation in Temple Bar! (like to see how much rent their paying) Hosting and running a website has never been easier, a fully functioning site with e-commerce ability for around €500 a year.

Sex education in Ireland is a complete and utter joke, S.P.H.E doesn’t deal with the actual issues. The lack of sex education in this country is a result of successive governments failing to stand up to the catholic church on a series of issues. This site being funded by the HSE is nothing more than a stop gap to allow politicians to stand up and say they are doing something about the issues.

To me spending 124k of tax payers money is a grossly inefficient,and a number of questions need to be asked and answered. Do we the tax payer have access to a report in relation to analytic’s of the site to see what age group and they type of number logging onto the site on a regular basis? Are those running the website medically trained to deal with queries in relation to STI’s for example?  Are they receiving funding from any other public bodies?

As a 23 year old male, the so called target age group for this site, I find it hard to believe that I or any of my friends would log onto the site to seek advice and information which is already widely available, and published all over the internet such as the NHS to name but one.

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