Sponsorship Disasters

Top 10 Sponsorship Disasters


Mario Goetze’s unveiling as a Bayern Munich player led to a falling out between major sportswear brands Nike and Adidas. Goetze, along with fellow new arrival Jan Kirchoff, turned up to be presented at Bayern in Nike T-shirts – which violated an agreement that the club had with their club shirt sponsor Adidas. Not only do Adidas provide Bayern with their kit – they also own a 9.1% stake in the club.


Sportswear giant Nike pulled the sponsorship on Lance Armstrong after the cyclist was caught doping.


H&M cancelled ads and Chanel and Burberry also severed their ties with Kate Moss after a London tabloid ran photos of her snorting cocaine.

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The socialite took $3.5 million to endorse a certain brand of hair extensions, but then allegedly wore a competitor’s extensions. She missed the brand’s big 2007 launch party since it occurred during her brief jail stint.

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Jessica Simpson partnered with The Tarrant Apparel Group to create the low-priced JS by Jessica Simpson and Princy jeans and apparel collections. However, Jessica allegedly refused to actually wear the cheap clothes on red carpets and in other public appearances.


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