Why I hate Jobs Bridge

As a recent graduate I struggled hard to find work sending out countless C.V’s, applying to several graduate programmes and filled out a million online applications. In the end I manged to find myself a job which has nothing to do with my five years in college or even related any of my many extra circular activities. The following is my frustration with the much touted jobs bridge scheme which is forcing young people to emigrate, why employ me? when you can get Bob the builder to work for free?

Jobs Bridge has been rolled out in order to get the long term unemployed off of the live register, fair enough right?  No, in order to be eligible to apply for the scheme you have to be on the live register for three months before you can even begin to apply for jobs, so I spent my five years of college working part time, and when I say part time I mean 30-50 hours a week some months, so my hard work and decision to go to college is biting me.

As a graduate applying for jobs I received many replies stating ”thanks Brian C.V looks great but you do not have any experience” etc. My frustration is simple how can I gain experience when Jobs-bridge is destroying or taking many internships which were traditionally being offered to students, and the same scheme excludes me from applying upon graduation, it’s a double blow! Hiring a jobs bridge candidate as opposed to a student has many advantages such as he/she wont have to take time off to sit exams, hand in essays, submit reports and you won’t have to deal with college lecturer’s or pesky insurance issues. But, and I emphasize that organizations are missing out in the opportunity to take on recent graduates with the insight into the most recent technology and a different point of view. So Mr Minister for Jobs and Enterprise change the criteria and allow graduates to participate and apply on equal footing and stop the second waive of Irish Emigration.


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