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Don’t Blame Trap it’s England’s Fault

So I’ll admit I was a great fan of Trap but enough is enough. Nothing annoys me more than listening to sunshine supporters of Irish football give out about Trap, Robbie Keane or why Robbie Brady and co aren’t being selected. But there comes a point when even a great manager needs to walk away. However it’s not all Traps fault, as I believe the failure of our Boys in Green out on the pitch lays with the current state of domestic football.

Giovanni Trapattoni is a man on a mission; having essentially failed as international manager of his native Italy, he set about restoring his reputation with the boys in green, but ultimately was embarrassed in Euro 2012. However he and his team of coaches need to be credited with work they have begun at ground level. 

As long as the premier League has such a hold over the Irish football fan, Ireland will never be able to sustain a quality all Ireland league. As a result our youth football is of a lower standard as in most countries, professional clubs will have a youth structure where players are brought up through the system meaning they train twice a week with that club. These clubs can put a significant time and investment into the local youth who will have access to professional coaches. 

Giovanni Trapattoni and his team have begun the emergent talent programmes all across Ireland where by the pick of the crop come and train with local FAI development officers who are fully qualified professional coaches. This is important as it also allows the better players to pit themselves against players of a similar outstanding ability on a regular basis.

With the ever present dominance of the GAA and the recent rise in the popularity of Rugby and believe it or not I would even put in cycling (fastest growing sport in Ireland) Soccer is moving down the list of activities in a child hobby list.  The Munster Rubgy success began  a revival of the sports popularity similar to Katie Taylor’s gold medal has captured the imagination of the public into women’s boxing. These success stories have actually paved the way for a further decay into the state of Irish football. History is written by the victor, and victory creates heroes  something that Irish football is currently lacking both on and off the field.

Trap and his team have brought respect and organisation back to Irish football at a time when it was on the brink of utter comedy- we all remember incidents like Saipan, the not so dead grandmother and 1-1 draw at home to Cyprus. However it’s time from Trap to move on after now being humiliated by Germany and the loss to Austria because of poor managerial decisions the Italian has now fallen into the Trap of outstaying his welcome!


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