Elevator pitch

 A typical ‘elevator pitch’ formula


Our product is for … [target customers]

Who are dissatisfied with… [the shortcomings of existing solutions]

It is a … [description of a new type of product]

Which gives… [xyz key benefits]

Unlike… [alternative prior offerings which attest to tech/market feasibility]

We provide… [description of a whole product offering, ie one that meets a full range of requirements, in a way that is very carefully targeted and tailored]


A possible formula for ‘selling’ your research endeavours

My research is about… [description of the general subject area]

It is of interest to people who are not entirely satisfied by conventional explanations of… [description of key concepts and propositions as seemingly accepted by a conventional view]

My research proposes instead that… [description of your key concepts and propositions]

In doing so, my research answers a number of key unresolved questions such as… [description of both theoretical and practical issues that your research helps highlight and clarify]

It bases its argument on a range of alternative respected sources… [description of sources at both a general and specific level if needs be] but goes further…

More specifically, my research makes the following additional contributions and/or clarifications…

  A possible formula for ‘selling’ your answer to a case-study

 This case is broadly about… [description of the general topic area]

My explanation of the case is for people sceptical about the conventional and ‘easy’ explanation [description of the ‘obvious’ answer]

Instead, my answer highlights the deeper factors at work such as a, b, c, & d

In doing so it draws from tried and tested cultural/political/behavioural and philosophical ways of analyzing human experience

And it thereby generates a range of findings that are of quite wide interest and significance, even if they are for some reason often ignored, such as: p, q, r & s.

Source: adapted from Geoffrey Moore’s 1991 book about technology marketing entitled Crossing the Chasm.


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