#Bucket list

1. Visit All Continents

2. Parachute

3. Bungee jump 

4. Newgrange Winter Solstice

5. Ride a Gondola in Venice

6. Run a marathon

7. Visit the Pyramids

8. Go sailing

9. Go skiing

10. Learn to play golf

11. Go horseback riding along the beach

12. Learn a second language

12. Learn to play the Guitar

13. Go snorkeling in a shipwreck

14. Ride in a hot air balloon

15. Go on a helicopter ride

16. Race a Sports Car

17. Drive down Route 66

18. Swim with dolphins

19.Go on safari

20. The Galapagos Islands

21. The Kremlin in Russia

22.  The Sydney Opera House, Australia

23. The Great Wall of China

24. Climb up the Statue of Liberty

25. Octoberfest

26. Read to Kill a Mocking Bird

27.Start a blog.


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