Twitter Symbols

Twitter Symbols


The @ symbol is probably the most common Twitter Symbol. This is used in front of a Twitter username, such as @phelanbrian. The meaning of this symbol is to reference a specific Twitter user when making a post or update. You can also reply to a specific post by hovering over it and clicking on the reply link which will add the Twitter user name in for you.


This symbol is usually called the Hashtag. The Hashtag is used to reference a specific topic or event. Once a Hashtag is setup you can use it to follow other users who are participating in that event and also use this symbol. If you want to find out about a specific topic, for example cars, than you would go to the Twitter search and enter you topic with the hashtag in front, E.G #Cars. This will bring up the search results for anyone who is referring to the chosen topic


The RT symbol is short for ReTweet. You would use this when you want to forward a message from another Twitter user. E.G if someone has said something funny or interesting and you think it’s worth sharing with your followers then RT it!!


The D symbol is for sending a direct message. This Twitter Symbol will be seen less often as it used for sending a private message. This symbol is very easy to use. If you want to send a direct message only to Twitter Tools than you would enter ‘d twitresources your message’ (no need for @). This would send a private message to Twitter that no one else will see. To send a direct message to any Twitter user, they must be following you.

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