The 10 Commandments

The Twitter Ten Commandments

I. Thou shalt not tweet more than 25 times a day. This ruins everyone else’s ambient intimacy with their group.

II. Thou shalt not split your message over multiple tweets*. That’s what blogging is for.

III. Thou shalt not treat Twitter like a private chat room*. That’s what IRC is for.

IV. Thou shalt not engage in lengthy one-on-one conversations in Twitter*. That’s what Instant Messaging is for.

V. Thou shalt not forget that the question being asked is “What are you doing?”

VI. Thou shalt not be too boastful or pompous. Arrogance is offensive in real life, and Twitter is no different.

VII. Thou shalt learn how to use the short commands properly (e.g. @, L:, d, #, — and ++). Start here

VIII. Thou shalt type people’s usernames correctly (e.g.@Casablanca); else the ‘replies’ function doesn’t work.

IX. Thou shalt welcome new users publicly and with enthusiasm; this helps them make connections so they can share the excitement.

X. Thou shalt assume that everyone following you is following no more than 150 people or less –

This is courtesy of @tencommandments


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