Convert Page Type


Can I just convert the profile to a page.

Technically, yes you can. Honestly…. (It works but it’s not painless).

Step 1 –  Log into the Facebook account that you wish to migrate to a business page. (Double check this as the results are permanent and irreversible)

Step 2 –  Backup your existing profile if it contains any info you want to keep. Unfortunately, converting a personal profile to a business page deletes all of the wall/timeline info other than your friends list and subscribers. So make a backup if you’ll ever want to see this info again by going to the account menu at the top right of your Facebook page. Once there, choose the Account Settings option, and then choose the “Download a copy of your Facebook data” option.

Step 3 – Visit the Business Page Migration link from Facebook.

Step 4 – Select the category of business page you would like to use for your business. You can choose from:

  • Local Business or Place
  • Company, Organization or Institution
  • Brand or Product
  • Artist, Band or Public Figure
  • Entertainment
  • Cause or Community

Step 5 – Complete the process. Facebook’s migration tool will guide you through the steps of finalising the conversion process.

Step 6 – Once you’re done moving your personal Facebook profile to a Business page, be sure to add all of the important details for your business to the profile. Most personal profiles didn’t include the place to put these details, so you’ll need to do it for the first time once you’ve migrated in order to have a complete, helpful business profile.

For additional information, please be sure to check out Facebook’s help section that contains information just about this popular topic. They provide some answers and tips related to frequently asked questions on this process. You can get to it here:


If I’m a Newbie how do I Build up my Facebook  Fanbase and …… Quick

  1. Leverage your personal profile: No, this does NOT mean use your profile as a business page… In fact, it means encourage your friends to “like” your new business page. Let your friends know you’ve set up a Facebook page – invite them to like it, and ask them to tell their friends. After that, got to remember to keep personal and business pages separate.
  2. Provide engaging content: Ok, so your Facebook page is up and running, now you need to get people to like and trust youThis is the hard part! Basically they need a reason to ‘like’ your page. They want to know what’s in it for them. When they come to your page, they want to see that you consistently post something of value to them.
  3. Generate fresh regular content: I find a good idea is to sit down once a week and jot down 7 things that would benefit your customer and get them engaging. Share information, resources, tips, tools, tactics in the form of relevant news articles, blog posts, links to YouTube videos and motivational quotes. Remember to post once or twice a day (Maximum)  and respond to all comments. They will return to your Facebook page time after time because they know you are giving them the information they need. Be sure to give credit to the source of any content you are using on your page which is not created by you.
  4. Create a landing page: Have a landing page that shows what your business is about and what benefits the viewer will receive from clicking “like”. What’s in it for them? Make the image stunning and the benefits enticing and you’ll be collecting new fans quickly!
  1. Short and Sweet:Keep your Facebook updates as short and simple to understand as possible. There is already WAY too much noise going on when a person logs into their news feed.
  2. Give fans exclusive access: It’s important to give as much as possible, to share your ideas, your plans and even your goals. When someone sees that you are sharing exclusive information, they feel like they are part of something special, whether it’s an update on a new product, or project, or showing actual images of the work-in-progress. People love getting first access to news and progress – let them be part of an “exclusive” club! If you offer Facebook fan-only content, you give more incentive for your customers to follow you.
  3. Show your personality: The whole point of sharing your business on Facebook is to give fans an insight into your business. Find your voice – don’t create a persona that is not natural. If you create a ‘persona’ that is not really you, it will ring false.
  4. Sit back and watch, THEN jump: Facebook can be daunting. I find that small business owners often say that “not knowing what lies ahead” terrifies them. So why not take time to listen and watch before you even put a finger on the keyboard. Spend a week or so just watching and listening – then take the plunge. The first status update is always the most difficult to post!
  5. Run a competition: Consider giving something back to your fans. Offer something representative of your brand and top quality. Also remember that there are strict Facebook rules and guidelines, be sure to stick to the rules or you run the risk of your page being removed by Facebook. Read the full guidelines here:
  6. Try out advertising: Test Sponsored Stories -advertisers are seeing huge lifts of growth in daily active users/likes, due to the new ad format that launched in recent months. If running the normal ads on facebook, make sure to include a specific “like” call to action in your body copy, encouraging visitors to click like directly within the ad. Advertising on Facebook a great way to steadily increase your fan base (gain likes). Most often with contests you see a spike in likes, however it is not sustainable.