Tweak your Bits

10 TOp SEO Tweaks

Now that you have mastered the top priority SEO ranking insights, butyet you are still not in that coveted number one spot, or maybe you are fighting against a very popular topic and still remains outside the top 10 use these tweaks to give you that boost you need.

1. Keep your site content inside one theme

The theme or topic of your entire site is important as well. If you have a lot of pages all around one basic theme, that will lend more credibility to each page that follows that same theme.

2. Keep your site live as long as possible

Older pages (at the same domain) will rank higher than newer ones.

3. Put your keyword phrase in the first paragraph

Repetition of your keyword phrase is important in your content. But it’s especially important in the first one or two paragraphs of text. And if you can repeat it once in the first paragraph that will help up it’s priority.

4. Format your keyword phrases to stand out

Use <strong> and <em> where appropriate to make your keyword phrases stand out. Search engines can read those tags, and will recognize that text that is emphasized is often more important than the surrounding text.

5. Write a descriptive meta description

Search engines use the description meta tag as the description in their index. So it’s important to describe your pages accurately. This helps customers find your pages, and search engines to index them.

6. Link to your page from within your site

Links are important, and linking from one page to another on your own site is a very easy way to get links. They aren’t as important in search engine ranking as links from external sites, but they do help. If nothing else, they help the search engine spider find all the pages on your site.


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