Social Media

Social media is changing communication globally. Traditional media is losing it’s dominance as social media allows ordinary people to connect. The world of social media is an ever changing landscape and keeping up with the latest trends and platforms is a challenge for any business or entrepreneur. Increasingly more and more businesses are turning to outsourcing their online presence either to private consultants or to PR and marketing companies.

This is a very good solution to a very time consuming and labor intensive job, and thinking about new competitions and ideas for fun and exciting posts just may not be your thing, and more often than not is something better left to the professionals. However when working with an out-sourer be prepared to do a bit of work, make sure to keep tabs on their weekly reports, be sure to feed them interesting content on a daily or weekly basis, e.g have you any special offers at the moment, if your a local business what’s going on in the area, just a quick text or email with a subject or a nice picture from the window. Then let the creatives do their work.

Just like purchasing any product or service buy beware their are a lot of self professed social media ‘experts’ out there. Make sure they will be a right fit for the business. I have seen a number of these outsources simply use other pages they manage to leverage likes. I have experienced one in particular using a page to leverage likes for shop which was over 100 miles away. Don’t get sucked in by number of likes or reach, think about the types of people that are likely to buy your product and use your service.

However for those of you who don’t have the means or the budget for this please take a look at this section of my blog for some free hints and tips.


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