The future of traditional advertising

The future of traditional advertising

In the digital age where we can now stop, pause and re-wind live t.v advertisers and indeed networks are finding it increasingly difficult to justify the traditional interruption adverts. Many brands have turned to sponsoring t.v (e.g Dairy Milk sponsored Cornation Street) programmes, however this has some obvious drawbacks. Marketers and sales professionals have increasingly turned to social media to fill the void left by television advertising. But does this mean the end of traditional interruption advertising?

While ”stacking” t.v shows has become more and more popular there are a number of sectors that can benefit from this new trend. Live sport is enjoyed by many, and it is a form of entertainment which doesn’t hold the same enjoyment factor if it is not being viewed live unlike that of a t.v soap opera.Think about it how many times have you taped a live match and sat down and watched it a few days later? therefore this need for people to enjoy sport lives means that Add time during these peak times will become more valuable, therefore the sports industry can benefit as the network with the most live fixtures will have more premium air time to sell.

While there are some obvious limitations to this as many brands will not be able to hit their target market during sporting fixtures, with marketers and t.v advertisers one thing is certain expect to see more advertisements during your favorite big sporting fixtures, increased use of product placement in films and t.v drama’s.


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