Warm Dead Bird

Warm Dead Bird

     Meeting a client during the week, he turned and asked me would I like some warm dead bird? Thinking I had didn’t hear him I looked at him again, not realizing he was teaching me a valuable marketing lesson. If you haven’t already guessed he was talking about kentuckey Fried chicken! Think about it. They are not selling anything different than any other take away, but what is it that allows them to operate on the high street.

     Sometimes the product isn’t all that special or in many cases below standard. Take Kentuckey fried Chicken, its a low cost product, is widely available all over the world. The difference between KFC is that they defined their identity by inextricably linking it with chicken. Their identity became linked with their product in turn making them the experts by default at Chicken in the fast food industry.

      So what next? KFC identified their brand with a ‘person’ and the power of this cannot be exaggerated. When we visit a hospital the doctors walk around in white coats clean shaven and their image mimic’s the clean sterile environment. Creating a respectable and responsible image/persona allows the brand to cross sell and enter into different markets, products and or services.

      It’s not what you sell it’s how you sell it. McDonalds has positioned itself as a Family orientated Restaurant which is quick and a cheap substitute for a meal. I’m not sure they would have experienced the same success without using a trusted persona ”typical Clown” as a clown is a recognizable symbol epitomizing fun, laughter and childhood. I have seen a number of small businesses make this mistake, they spend their efforts emphasizing the product, but products and services can in most cases be copied! If McDonalds did what many other business did they would have been called ”In & Out Burger”  Like Kentuckey Fried Chicken McDonalds don’t sell fast food, they sell happiness, KFC doesn’t sell warm dead birds they sell original recipes from the deep south. A brand is not just a cool image or logo, it is a living being, and if done correctly people will respond.


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