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Throughout your colleges years lecturers seem to cite endless case studies and suggest a mountain of reading’s. I’ve made it easy, below are a number of case studies which will provide you with sufficient, but not excessive readings to write on business strategy.

Readings on Marketing:


Readings on Business Strategy: 


Expertly written by David J. Collis and Michael G. Rukstad deliver an insight into current top executives and industries. The article exposes that most executives cannot articulate the objective, scope, and advantage of their business in a simple statement.


Cynthia A Montgomery sets about discussing current thinking on strategy.

InnovationRevolution sec reading

Financing Uncertainty

Readings on Intellectual Property Rights:


James Bessen & Michael J. Meurer: Patent Failure examine the world of IP and the rights of ownership.


Boldrin & Levine argue against Intellectual Monopoly rights of large corporations and considers a world without ownership.

Readings on HRM and case studies on contemporary issues:

All the wrong Moves

Big Shoes


The Coach who got Poached


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