Welcome to the English Essay section. All of the below essays have been graded at to University standard achieving high grades. There is everything from Shakespeare to Cormac McCarthy,Tim O Brien Blake,PB Shelly and many more. This section considers a wide range, covering contemporary and established literature.

An English graduate offers employers a unique skill set and throughout the degree I believe I have gained a number of the below skills and abilities.

  • Apply written and oral arguments appropriately, cogently and persuasively
  • Analyse and critically examine diverse forms of verbal and textual communication
  • Acquire substantial quantities of complex information of diverse kinds in a structured and systematic way
  • Exercise independent thought, judgement, and skills in critical reasoning
  • Exercise interpersonal sensitivity when working with and in relation to others through the presentation of ideas and information and the collective negotiation of solutions
  • Handle information and argument in a critical and self-reflective manner
  • Work creatively and imaginatively, demonstrating flexibility and initiative
  • Meet strict deadlines by employing effective organisational and time management skills



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